Naruto Vs Kyubi Vs Hachibi

Post Author: Kisuzachi

The Hachibi uses three of its tails to hit the Eight Tailed Kyubi (ETK) on its back, and the ETK uses its claw to slash the Hachibi’s face. The ETK then fires a point blank Menacing Ball, resulting in another huge explosion.


The Hachibi’s tails erupt from underground to strike the ETK, but it jumps out of the tails’ strike range. The Hachibi emerges from underground, unscathed by the previous Menacing Ball. Hachibi raises its tails and powerful streams of water shoot from its suction cups as it yells Sution: Jet Crusher! The ETK proves more than agile and quick enough to dodge the streams of destruction. It leaps into the air and pushes its tails forward to crash down and impale the Hachibi with them. The Hachibi fires a Menacing Ball, because the ETK cant dodge in mid-air. The ETK instead uses its tails to create a shield and then, similar to Neji, pushes chakra out from the tails. The Menacing Ball makes contact and the sky is enveloped with light. Suddenly a huge hand erupts from the light, headed straight for the Hachibi. The Hachibi quickly catches the ETK’s hand and slams the ETK into the ground.


Hachibi: “Damnit, you sure aren’t making this easy *pant*”

The ETK forcefully retracts its arm. It gets up and lets out an ear shattering roar, the shock wave level the few remaining trees around them and causes the ground to crack. The Hachibi looks on as the ETK’s muscles begin to expand. The ETK then launches itself at the Hachibi with so much speed that the Hachibi only sees it when the arm connects to its own face. The punch is so great, that the large Bijou is sent flying into the air. The ETK jumps above the Hachibi and uses its mouth to clamp down on the Hachibi’s head. It fires a point blank Menacing Ball with the Hachibi’s head in its mouth. The Hachibi I sent crashing into the ground with its head completely blown off. The ETK comes crashing down on the fallen Hachibi’s torso and roars once again, suddenly, a Menacing Ball strikes it from behind and sends it crashing through a cliff side. The Hachibi’s corpse on which it was standing, transforms into one of the Hachibi’s tails.


Hachibi: “That was close. If I hadn’t replaced myself when it hit me into the sky, I would be a goner now. It’s a good thing my tails regenerate.”

The Hachibi goes on all fours and uses its chakra to cover its horns and charges at the Cliffside the ETK is laying in. It rams the ETK with its chakra-covered horns, which may not have been the smartest move, as the ETK further increases the size of its muscles. It grabs the bull by the horns and throws the Hachibi into the air. IT then dashes at the Hachibi, but the Hachibi counters by extending one of its tails to grab the ETK, but in no more than an instant, the ETK vanishes from sight, only to appear behind the Hachibi. It then regurgitates another ETK and this copy goes in front of the Hachibi, in unison, they both fire a Menacing Ball. The Hachibi quickly wraps its tails around it body and takes the full power of the Double Menacing Balls, it falls unto the ground with earth shattering force and a huge plume of dust erupts from the impact. The ETK lands on the ground and roars triumphantly.


The Etk violently and swiftly rushes to the Hachibi’s crater! It jams its claws into the Biju’s chest and icreases its muscles again. It lifts the Hachibi and throws it to the ground again. The Hachibi wraps its tails around the ETK’s feet and throws it to make some distance between them. The Hachibi uses Kirabi’s Lightning Element Chakra and uses Raiton: Radiant Execution, huge lightning bolts come from the Biju’s tails and head for the ETK. ETK draws energy from Naruto’s Wind Element Chakra and uses Futon: Drilling Air Bullet. The two monumental attacks collide with so much force that the impact can be felt miles away. The mountains themselves begin to crumble from the sheer power of the shock waves. The Hachibi extends its tails (in a manner similar to the Kyubi) and uses the many suction cups to stick to the ETK’s body.

Hachibi: “NOW IT ENDS! SUITON: JET CRUSHER!!!!!!!!!!!”

The powerful streams of water erupt from the suction cups that are stuck to the ETK. The force of the water slices the crushes the exposed bones, the muscles tear and blood runs heavily from the wounds. The ETK roars in agony and sends one of its claws underground, which then erupt from under the Hachibi. To avoid the claw, the Hachibi releases the ETK and dodges the powerful claw attack by jumping backwards. The ETK’s blood melts the ground it touches, the ETK then recalls the blood to its body and uses it to cover its very claws and muscles. It dashes for the Hachibi, in response it tries to make hand signs, but its too slow. The ETK raises its claws and slices off the Hachibi’s hands so it cant use its jutsus. It opens its mouth, with fangs exposed, and clamps down on the Hachibi’s mouth so it cant fire a Menacing Ball. It uses its tails to pull the Hachibi’s tails off so it cant replace itself. It starts to secrete its acid blood through its fangs, claws, tails and muscles, which leaves the Hachibi in great pain as the blood burns through its skin. The ETK then throws it away like a piece of trash.

Meanwhile, deep inside Naruto’s mind……

Naruto: “What? What’s going on?”

Kyubi: “I see you’ve finally awakened, boy.”


Naruto: “You! I don’t need your help! Get back into your cage!”

Kyubi: “Hahahahahaha! You don’t need my help? You fool, you’re nothing without my power! I saved you from the wrath of the Hachibi and defeated with no effort! This is the power you refuse?”

Naruto: “I promised…. I made a vow I wouldn’t use you anymore! You hurt all those I care about!”

Kyubi: “I see. So you’ve let the Fourth Hokage warp your puny little mind have you? You never had any problems with my power when you defeated Neji Hyuga in the Chunin Exams, nor did you when fought Sasuke at the Valley of the End! In both cases, IT WAS MY POWER THAT SAVED YOU, you ungrateful brat!”

Naruto: “I DON’T NEED YOU ANYMORE!!!!!!”
(Naruto creates a Rasengan and hit’s the Kyubi with it in the face, resulting in all the bubbles bursting apart.)


At the Battlefield, the ETK’s transformation regresses back to a severely injured Naruto. He stands their without any motion and transforms to Sage Mode. With both the healing powers of Sage Mode and the Kyubi, Naruto is healed in a short amount of time. Suddenly, Naruto falls to the ground due to exhausting his STAMINA. The Hachibi stands up and walks over to Naruto to finish him off, but suddenly, Kirabi tells him to stop.

Kirabi: “The kid’s just like me and you, except he cant control his Bijou”

Hachibi: “Argh.. are you serious.. it’ll take me a while to regenerate my limbs*sigh*. Anyway, didn’t I tell you to quit it with the rapping? You fail at it. Give it a rest.”

Kirabi: “Hahahaha, don’t worry, you’re the great Hachibi! You’ll recover in no time flat. Now its time I take back control.”


Kirabi looks at Naruto for a while. “You’ll be stronger than me, if only you learn to control Kyubi”, he thinks to himself, he then picks up his swords and leaves Naruto behind……..

Well, that was my last post for a long while. *Sigh*, I’ll be back though…eventually.


11 Responses

  1. A bijuu fanfic, interesting idea. =)

  2. Cool post if you develop it it could end up being the prelude to my post with Naruto being trained by Kirabi epic stuff! My one concern however is how the hell did the 8tails do hand seals? Bulls don’t have hands lol!

  3. u forget Madzi….THIS IS A DEMON BULL XD. this post is pretty funny actually XD. Two monsters going at it, the whole time i was reading it, I was picturing Godzilla vs King Kong XD

  4. See, I was going to do a Biju fanfic, but mart said I shouldn’t 😦

  5. Oh sorry, this is my sorrow, not your guyz.

    Anyways, nice trilogy Kisu. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen any of those. The last time I remember a trilogy was my Yahiko Trilogy…

    Hmm, I was thinking the same scenario in my head Kisu.

    And… that’s a rap!

  6. I like the pictures. Very colorful and full of emotions, I will surely visit your website again for updates. thanks.

  7. cool tros bien naruto il est devenu plus que sasouke

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